Al-Qaeda officer: We had impaled them alive… Along with captured Serbs, we murdered two BBC journalists…

 Al-Qaeda officer: We had impaled them alive… Along with captured Serbs, we murdered two BBC journalists…

Bosnian El Mujahid Brigade, made of foreign Islamic fighters. They were pouring in Bosnia with “covert” assistance from Western governments. Some of them later were involved in “September 11” terrorist attack on US soil…


 Original source, “Press”, 16. 01. 2009.  – Autor: (S. V.)

Translation in Serbian and editorial comments: FBR- M. Novakovic 


Bosnian president (at the time of Bosnian war glorified by Western media as “peacemaker”) Alija Izetbegovic, and Arab terrorist Ebu Ali…


The Al-Qaeda officer and Bahrain’ citizen Ali Hammad, after serving 12 year prison sentence in Bosnia, has applied this week for political asylum in Serbia. Mr Hammad now publicly admits that during the recent civil war in Bosnia he participated in the horrific war crimes committed by “El Mujahedin” brigade over captured  Serbs and Croats (Bosnian Christian population)…


Ali Hammad

Ali Hammad- the (Western funded) terrorist with “conscience”…




Bosnian Serb, captured by Mujahedin fighters, pictured here shortly before he was executed- That was Bosnian interpretation of Geneva convention, repeated numerous times during the conflict, whenever they had in custody Serbian soldiers or innocent civilians….

Ali Hammad says that now he admits to everything due to sudden outpouring of “remorse”, and that he is not seeking any remedies for himself. The office of Serbian war crimes prosecutor has asked the Serbian government to allow Mr Ali Hammad to come in Serbia and provide his testimony. We are here presenting some fragments of his previous testimony about these war crimes:


Group of captured Serbs in village Gostovici (lying on the ground) guarded by Arab Mujahedin. These people were tortured in most horrific ways, before they were decapitated, and their heads thrown in the local soccer field, so young Bosnian Muslims could play with them. Western media were “hesitating” to report crimes committed against Serbs, because in the mindset of average Westerner- Serbs were bad guys and terrorists (just watch Hollywood movies) and it was OK to kill them…

“Most of killings were performed by Egyptian Abu Mina, the officer in charge of security and special operations of the “El Mujahedin” brigade. Mina was killing people with the motor saw and the  big knife. He was killing captured Serbs in our camp Zavidovici. At front of lined up Mujahedin fighters he was decapitating Serbs with the axe and the big knife. He was cutting alive Serbs in a half, with the motor saw… he was ordering us to impale the prisoners with a wooden stick and to leave them to die in the agony…”


Bosnian Muslims are preparing wooden stick to impale alive captured Serbs… Savagery beyond any imagination…



 “Abu Mina had killed one 14 year old Serbian boy in Orasac area, where the brigade “El Mujahedin” was trained. They forced the father (of captured boy) to watch the murder of his son…”


Bosnian Army fighters and their Arab “comrades” were proud of their savagery… Needles to say that none of these crimes were prosecuted by ICTY in Hague… The role of ICTY is to justify illegal NATO war and atrocities against Serbia, Republika Srpska and Krajina in Croatia…

“In Orasac area I have witnessed the murder of one Serb. Prior to murder, they brought four Catholic priests, that were about to be exchanged for our captured soldiers (by Croats). Saudi Mujahedin Abu Mais addressed the Catholic priests: “Now you are going to see how Mujahedin kill”. He then invited Sabahudin. Gave him a knife and said: “We will let you kill one Serb.” That man, Sabahudin, was disabled person, and was not capable for real fighting… Then another Mujahedin Asim Ramulu brought the victim to the ground by hitting him. He held the victim’ legs, Sabahudin sat on the back of victim and slit his throat. Then Abu Mais decapitated the head of murdered Serb, brought it to captured Catholic priests, and forced them to kiss the Serbian scull still soaked in the blood…


Bosnian president Izetbegovic making plans with Arab Mujahedin how to exterminate the Serbian Christian population in BiH. At that time he issued Bosnian passport to Osama Bin Laden, so he could travel around the Europe and organize terrorist attacks against Izetbegovic’ Western allies…


Abu Mais was braging around that he, together with Imad El Misrija, Abu Mina, Abu Meali, Abdul Barom and Abu Hamaz, executed  two Brits, BBC journalists…





Legacy of Anti-Christian atrocities in Bosnia goes back in WWII- On this picture SS fuhrer Himmler is inspecting Bosnian Islamic fighters from  SS “Han-jar” division…


Bosnian Nazis- Waffen-SS unit greeted by Bosnian Mufti (WWII Islamic leader in Bosnia)


BELGRADE- The prosecutor for war crimes Vladimir Vukcevic states that Ali Hamad could be very useful witness.



Western media knew very well who were bad guys in Bosnia, but they chose to ignore the facts, and to demonize only Serbs. This process (of demonizing Serbs) continue today too, even all the evidence points that during the Bosnian conflict Serbs were the biggest victims!? (Above- the picture from  Times article from 1994 about Muslim crimes committed against Bosnian Serbs)

We have documented case about the crimes against Serbs in Zavidovici, between July and September 1995. We have as well the testimony from 9 witnesses… We are interested for Hamad’ testimony, because he was, at the time crimes were committed, member of Mujahedin brigade, and he acted under the authority of regular army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We yet have to see, what he would offer to us through his lawyer, at the coming meeting- stated Vukcevic.


Croatian fascists in 90ies

Bosnian and Croatian fighters were not ashamed to pose with the Nazi symbols, proud of fight of their ancestors in WWII under Hitler command, against Orthodox Christian Slavic population in Yugoslavia and Russia. Today nothing much changed, same symbols are back in use, same Western masters, and same Balkan servants (Bosnians, Croats, Albanians)..


Bosnian “Muslim symbol” in WWII…

Serbian Office for war crimes (Prosecutor’ office) highlights that the case “Zavidovici” involves the most horrific massacres (over captured Serbian soldiers and civilians). The members of “El Mujahid” brigade, that were mostly fanatic volunteer fighters from Arab countries, in one case they captured the group of 60 Serbian soldiers. These captured Serbs, that were brought to camp in the village Gostovici nearby Zavidovici, have gone through unimaginable torture and suffering, to be at the end decapitated by “Allah fighters”. Mujahedin fighters were forcing captured Serbs to slice each other with knives, they were nailing them alive to wooden fence, driving the nails through their genitals… All these horrific crimes they were videotaping. For some time, such video tapes were able to be borrowed (rented for the purpose of Islamic propaganda and terrorist recruitment) by public members from the Community center in Zavidovici (BiH).



This bunch of Cold blooded Bosnian killers, used to call themselves “army”…

Dusko Tomic, the attorney for Ali Hamad, says that his client has spoken, because of “deep remorse”…

He doesn’t seek the political asylum, but rather the status of “displaced person” on the term of three months, until his testimony could be verified. After that he would return to his home in Bahrain. He believes that Serbia has interest to find the truth about all crimes that were commited over Serbian population by Mujahedin fighters in Bosnia and Herzegovina- concludes lawyer Tomic…


The Western legacy in nowadays Bosnia- Fanatical Islamic fighters, today transformed into legal BiH Army…



Милан Зарић- Article in Serbian was written by Milan Zaric

FBR translation from Serbian in English, and pictures description: Miodrag Novakovic


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