Anniversary of the liberation of Niš in WWI

12.10.2012 Branko Ilic , Serbian FBReporter



Sourse: Južne vesti 



12th October 1918th The first Serbian army liberated Niš in WWI after breakthrough Salonika Front.

After cutting the Salonika Front 1918th The action began  Serbian army of liberation of the occupied territory from Bulgaria, which is 29 September 1918th capitulated.


Serbian officers entering in the Niš


First Serbian Army, under the command of Peter Bojovic, went towards Niš in order to free him.

Duke Petar Bojovic on October 1st 1918th issued an edict divisions to go on to liberate the south of Serbia.

Danube Division liberated Vranje on October 4th, Vladicin Han October 5th, a day later liberated Grdelica, October 7 was acquitted and Leskovac, Brestovac and Žitni Potok are liberated  October 8th.

The troops of the First Serbian Army on October 9th 1918th began the operation to liberate Niš. The Moravia Division in  october  10th liberate Seličevicu and continued their advance to Gorica and Bubnju.


Finally, on October 12 was acquitted of Nis in the WWI.


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