“Price” of Serbian victory in the First World War: 1,247,435 people


Serbia is in war 1914-1918 lost enormously manpower .. She had so much graves that all of them could not even mark.
From 852,000 soldiers, as called for under the Serbian flag of war, have died in the battlefields or died of wounds and epidemics 402,435 soldier. Such large losses in relation to the population did not have no other state ..

Only in 1914. The Serbian army lost 2110 officers, 8074 NCOs and 153 373 soldiers.
Until September the 1915th from the list of living has been erased 172,508 soldiers.
During the crossing of Albania lost their lives 77,455 soldiers and on Thessalonica Front, 1916, 1917. and 1918. – 36,477 soldiers.
Photo: Serbian soldier pays tribute to deceased friend
Apart from the above, in 1915, 34,781 soldier on the territory of Serbia died of wounds or disease.
According to data presented at the Paris Peace Conference, Serbia, as soldiers and civilians lost 1,247,435 people – 28 percent of the total population 1914th when the war began.
With serious invalids, unable for independent living and earn Serbia losses totaled 1,511,415 people in turn.
Disabled people there were so many in Serbia after the 1918th year that they are able to create entire divisions … They were a big problem for the devastated Serbia. Also a big problem and they were war orphans, immature children who have lost their breadwinner, and often without a father and without a mother … They were about 500,000.
Photo: Serbian orphans after the war.

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