Head of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin – Serbian institutions will remain in Kosovo!

Politics | August 2, 2012 | 11:37

“Serbian institutions will remain in Kosovo”

Source: Beta, Vreme

BELGRADE — Head of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin has stated that the Serbian institutions will remain in Kosovo.

He added that the only parallel structures were the ones financed by Priština.

“There are parallel institutions in Kosovo but they are funded by Priština and not by Belgrade. For us, there are only legal Serbian institutions and they will not be abolished,” Vulin told weekly Vreme.

According to him, not a single municipality will be abolished in Kosovo and all solutions will be in accordance with Serbia’s laws.

Commenting on the fact that influential Western states were asking Belgrade to abolish its institutions in Kosovo, Vulin said that the Serbian Constitution clearly defined Kosovo as a part of the state.

“I never said it would be easy. It is not pleasant. But it is the only possibility. I cannot change the Constitution. The Constitution and laws oblige us to organize the elections in the entire territory of Serbia. It says clearly that the province of Kosovo and Metohija is an integral part of Serbia’s territory and that obligations of all state organs stem from that position,” the Office for Kosovo head pointed out.

He expressed belief that Brussels, Washington and Moscow would understand such position.

“There are many things you cannot negotiate. Legal institutions of the Republic of Serbia in Kosovo, primarily municipalities, organs of various Serbian ministries that work there, are among them,” Vulin said and added that courts were also a part of the legal institutions.

преко B92 – Info – “Serbian institutions will remain in Kosovo”.


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