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Albanian terror over Serbian Christian minority in Kosovo, under “EU supervision”: Another Serbian couple was murdered in cold blood- Since NATO occupation in 1999, 5,007 Serbs have been murdered or disappeared without any trace & perpetrators never brought to justice…

July 7, 2012, SERBian FBReporter, M. Novakovic


Yesterday, in Kosovo’ village Talinovci, another Serbian couple was brutally murdered.  Husband and wife: Milovan and Ljiljana Jevtic were brought in the bathroom, inside their house, and then executed at point-blank range, with a single bullet in the head. They have been found dead yesterday, some time afternoon, by their neighbour Bogdan Djordjevic.  Soon, the entire area was sealed off by Eluex and Kosovo police. Initially the remaining 17 Serbian villagers have been prevented from leaving the village. As they stated they have lost any faith and confidence in the international “protection force” (they never had any in so-called Kosovo police), and fearing for the lives…

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