State controlled and manipulated courts: “Is there a justice for Serbs in Serbia?”

Obraz leaders greeting their supporters outside Belgrade Central Prison

Serbian authorities think Mladen Obradović and Obraz were responsible for the riots connected to the gay parade in Belgrade on Oct. 10, 2010, but the Obraz leaders got mild sentences on April 20. Obradović was sentenced to two years in prison while Damir Grbić and Krsto Milovanović got 18 months. Ten other got lesser sentences while the wife of Obradović, Jelena, was sentenced to a year of house arrest. Obradović gave me an interview in English outside the Belgrade Central Prison, and he was also speaking in Serbian. Many supporters and sympathizers of Obraz came to greet them. The Obraz leaders are now free while their cases are being appealed, and that process could last a year.

I was present in trial, and I was quite puzzled by the public prosecutor Vera Stanić. She was very passive, and she did not have many questions for the defendants or the witnesses. SMS messages from mobile phones were central evidences for the prosecution, but I was very surprised when Stanić did not challenge Obradović when he provided documentation of the activity in court. The judge asked her if she had any questions, but she declined. The prosecution had seven months to prepare this trial, and I was surprised by they passivity.

In addition to the video, you can also see photos.

For Serbian people Mladen Obradovic is a hero- For Pro-Western regime, just a headache…


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