Serbian whitepaper on organized crime in Kosovo

Serbian whitepaper on organized crime in Kosovo


Disclaimer and assessment of information

The Serbian whitepaper Albanian Terrorism and Organized Crime in Kosovo-Metohija was published by the Serbian government in September 2003. The document is very thorough, and as far as I can assess, the information is mostly factual, even if it is only presenting the Serbian side. However, I also think the Serbian government’s analysis of the Pan-Islamic factor is exaggerated.When I first published this document in 2005, Western intelligence agencies struggled to gather correct information in Kosovo, the Serbian security services have very long and good experience in the region. Western intelligence within UNMIK Police was weak, while the military intelligence capacity within KFOR was better. I have inside knowledge about KFOR because I served as a press officer in KFOR HQ from January to July 2000.

If you speak Serbian, you can listen to the Serbian State Secretary for Kosovo, Oliver Ivanović, spoke about the links between organized crime, politics and the new security institutions in Kosovo. The deputy minister was the key note speaker at the Institute for European Studies in Belgrade on March 24, 2011. The situation has not improved from September 2003 when the Serbian government published the Serbian whitepaper on organized crime in Kosovo. Видео на српском:


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