Do you know why Kosovo is “Serbian Jerusalem” (1)?

Churches and monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija

Beside the living monasteries or those which had been active prior to the war and were destroyed by Albanian militants there are monasteries which are in ruins since the Ottoman times. Some of them have been excavated and explored by archeologists but many of them still remain unrecovered and are known by records in the church and historical chronicles.

Historians assume that the number of Serb Orthodox churches and monasteries of all categories is around 1400 which is a remarkable number for a relatively small territory.

The monasteries of Raska and Prizren Diocese can be divided into 5 categories:

1. Active Monasteries:

Patriarchate of Pecstauropegic monastery and does not belong administratively to our Diocese. It has nevertheless very strong ties with our other monasteries of the Kosovo and Metohija region.
Budisavci Metochion

1. Visoki Decani (m)
2. Sopocani (m)
3. Gracanica (f)
4. Crna Reka (m)
5. Holy Archangels (m)
6. Devic (f)
7. Sokolica (f)
8. Gorioc (f)
9. Draganac (m)
10. Koncul (f)
11. Duboki Potok (m)
12. Djurdjevi Stupovi (m)

2. Planned for full reconstruction:

1. Banjska monastery

The church has been partially reconstructed – building of the monastery is planned for future

2. Vracevo Monastery near Lesak
3. St. Barbara Monastery, near Sopocani

3. Monasteries which were active before the war and were destroyed in 1999

1. Holy Trinity (f)
2. St. Cosmas and Damian, Zociste (m)
3. Binac (m)
4. St. Marko (m)

4. Monasteries in ruins before the war which were partially reconstructed or conserved after the WWII.

1. Bogorodica Hvostanska
2. Ubozac Monastery
3. Kmetovce Monastery
4. Korisa Monastery
5. Dolac (church destroyed in 1999)
6. St. Uros Monastery (church destroyed in 1999)
7. Ajnovci Monastery

5. Unexcavated monasteries:

Dozens of other monasteries remain in ruins which have not been excavated or explored and are known only by record in historical documents.


 The name Metohija was derived from the word “metoh”. Metoh is land which is property of Serbian Orthodox monastery.  Since 1999. about 150 orthodox churches and monasteries on  Kosovo were destroyed, damaged and burned. At the same time, Albanians built over 400 mosques.

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