Banking Insider: The Euro Is Cest Fini ! It’s All Over!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

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  • V’s Response To Greek Election Facade-Just Watch And See–The Euro Is Cest Fini! 
    by Steve Quayle,
    June 18, 2012

    Steve also please tell them to reread my posts. I have said that there is the unofficial collapse, this is from real inside sources. The official collapse is still going to be in the fall winter season of 2012. The Euro has a no confidence vote from all the big money players. They are all cashed out. In a 21st century Fiat system the big players will always cash out and hedge bets for the continuing slide in assets and equities that we are currently seeing sans the ridiculous “magical” DOW that stays above 12K thanks to the PPT and insiders.

    Steve the irrational will jump the gun and give you flack when they read what they want to read and not fully read what has…

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