Who is this Serbian woman protected by KFOR troops in Kosovo- Swedish media falsely state it was an Albanian woman!?

Kosovo Serbs are subject to daily attacks by their savage Albanian neighbours regardless of age or sex. Here is pictured an Serbian woman (we know that by her appearance, existing circumstances, and dressing code) under protection of Swedish peacekeepers (KFOR) in Serbian province of Kosovo & Metohija, attempting to attend her son’s grave (most likely murdered by Albanians or occupying NATO(KFOR) force).

The problem with this picture is the subtitle in Swedish, posted by photographer Bjorn Olsson- it states: “An Albanian woman, escorted by Swedish “peacekeepers”, is attending her son’s grave.” An obvious and intentional attempt (that perfectly fits the existing anti-Serbian- Western media pattern) to demonize Serbs and hide the truth about Kosovo, where remaining Serbs are exposed to extermination and ethnic cleansing (majority already has been expelled) by their Albanian neighbours/ under the idle watch of so-called KFOR peacekeepers. 

M. Novakovic, SERBian FBReporter


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