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Published 2012/04/23 @ 14:13, by Davor S.
Source: http://www.facebookreporter.org

NEWS WHICH CAN NOT BE FOUND IN ANY OFFICIAL MEDIA: savage attack by SHIPTAR Albanian mob onto a “SERBIAN BUILDING” in north part of Kosovska Mitrovica – NEW attempt to intimidate Serbs from the north?

EDITORIAL: Our source from KiM just reported that today in the afternoon (at 16:00) a Serbian building (building where Serbs live) near Suvi Do in the northern part of Mitrovica was attacked by the savage Albanian mob. The building was stoned and windows were smashed on the ground floor.

The residents, mostly women and children of Serbian nationality were terrorized during this short but brutal attack on the building. During the attack none of the authorities intervened.

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