NATO shot the doctors!

NATO shot the doctors!

Zubin Potok – In today’s action of breaking up barricades at Jagnjenica, NATO soldiers, from a distance of twenty meters fired rubber bullets fired at the ambulance doctors from the Health Centre of Zubin Potok. Doctors were shot at while they were tending the wounded. Doctor Vitomir Perić was shot in the toes, Dr. Jakšić Milosav in the lower leg, and ambulance technician Petar Vukosavljević was shot in the chest and back.

“They shot at us, although we were clearly marked as an ambulance team of doctors and even though we were facing them with hands in the air, holding infusion bottles. To make matters even worse they shot at us while we were helping the wounded. Among them, there was young man who was hit by rubber bullet directly in the head and in these moments was disoriented, so we transported him to Kosovska Mitrovica suspecting on concussion. The bullet hit me in the toes, and it hurt me a lot. My colleagues were shot at, also.”, testifies Dr. Vitomir Perić, doctor from the Health Centre of Zubin Potok, on the events of the last night.


2 comments on “NATO shot the doctors!

    • No, Chris! EULEX is at Albanian side, like KFOR!
      EULEX persistently sought to impose institutions of false state of Kosovo! EULEX does it out of any agreement, it implements the Ahtisaari plan which Serbia did not accept – EULEX attempts to force to establish “state of Kosovo”!

      Thank You for comment.

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