FB Reporter comment:

FBR: J. M.
I live in Southern California where many areas are predominately Mexican and no one is calling for secession. Furthermore, most countries in the world have certain areas with large minority groups and no one is demanding that they give up their lands. So why should Serbia have to give in to this illegal demand? (Albanian) Kosovo does not have a legal leg to stand on! Moreover, major ethnic cleansing has been done by the Albanians (led by the KLA) against all minority groups in Kosovo. Do they not have the right to go back home? The only way to ever repair this damage would be keeping Kosovo as part of Serbia. The Albanians have already made it very clear how they feel about non-Albanians. Furthermore, is Serbia to just abandon the Serbs in other parts of Kosovo, especially in the south? Think about this for a moment. What if you lived there? How would you feel watching Serbia and Northern Kosovo turn their backs on you? Serbs in Kosovo need ONE VOICE! Tyranny destroys the weak, so the only way good can prevail is to be strong and united.

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