Slovenian FM believes Serbia can “join EU in 2019”

Thursday 8.09.2011.

LJUBLJANA — Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel Žbogar says Serbia has done enough to get not only the EU candidate status but also a date for the beginning of the EU talks.

Samuel Žbogar (

“The Slovenian and the Serbian government think alike, and that is why we should work together. I also believe that Serbia should get the EU candidate status and the date for the beginning of the EU accession talks,” he told Belgrade-based daily Blic.

“I believe that all of us should fight for this goal, Serbia in the first line, and then Slovenia and all others who can help and suggest why it would be good if Serbia continued its EU pathway,” the Slovenian minister added.

According to him, Serbia’s expectations, considering all that has been done so far primarily on the arrest of the Hague fugitives, are justified and people have right to expect that Europe will appreciate that.

Žbogar said that the accession negotiations last six-seven years, adding that in that period the dialogue with Kosovo will yield results and thus facilitate the situation.

“For that reason, it is senseless to put obstacles on Serbia’s way this early,” he pointed out.

“If the negotiations start in 2012 that would be very fast, given that the agreement which is signed with the EU takes a year and a half to be ratified. Therefore, 2019 is realistic for the full-fledged EU membership,” Žbogar explained.

Source: Blic, Tanjug


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