“Serbia won’t accept Kosovo customs officers”

Sunday 4.09.2011.

PEĆ — Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović said Sunday that the agreement on customs stamps was an opportunity to lift the embargo on Serbian merchandise.

Goran Bogdanović (FoNet, file)

He added, however, that Belgrade would never accept Kosovo customs officers at checkpoints or for the revenue to go to Priština’s budget.

“The agreement from the last round of the talks between Belgrade and Priština referred to the flow of merchandise between central Serbia and Kosovo, and not to who is going to collect the revenue at checkpoints in northern Kosovo,” the minister said at the Peć Patriarchate monastery.

“It is hard to say where the revenue from the administrative checkpoints will go,” Bogdanović pointed out, adding that Belgrade could not accept Kosovo customs officers at the crossings or for the revenue collected there to go to the budget of the so called “Republic of Kosovo”.

According to him, if Belgrade accepted that, then those who see the agreement on the customs stamps as a recognition of Kosovo could actually have a point.

Source: Tanjug


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