Kosovo won’t change customs stamps, deputy PM claims

Sunday 28.08.2011.

PRIŠTINA — Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci says that Kosovo authorities will not agree to change the customs stamp at the next round of talks with Belgrade.

Kosovska Mitrovica (Tanjug, file)

He also added that northern Kosovo would not be discussed with Belgrade.

“Kosovo, despite the increased international pressure, won’t accept to sign any agreement on customs stamps with Serbia, if there is a request to change them,” Kuci told Priština-based Albanian language daily Zeri.

He explained that mutual recognition of customs stamps was expected during the next round of talks.

“We expect our customs stamps to be recognized in the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Serbia’s stamps in the Republic of Kosovo. The Kosovo government’s position is that the stamps will be presented the way they are now and that there will be no changes,” the Kosovo deputy PM was quoted as saying.

He believes that the Kosovo police is able to deal with the parallel structures in the north, but says that there will be no new Operation Storm in that part of Kosovo.

“There will be no operation that would intimidate our Serb citizens,” Kuci said.

He added that despite Serbia’s pressure nobody had requested the issue of northern Kosovo to be a part of the dialogue’s agenda and that there had been no talks about a special status for northern Kosovo, which is predominantly populated by Serbs.

Source: Tanjug


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