SVM leader accuses govt. of discriminating Vojvodina

Sunday 21.08.2011.

NOVI SAD — Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) leader Ištvan Pastor has accused the government of “discriminating” Vojvodina.

Ištvan Pastor (FoNet, file)
He said there was no political will within the ruling majority in the province to officially speak about the issue.

He told Autonomija news outlet that such attitude was visible when it came to province’s budget and drafting of public property bill which should return property to Vojvodina and local self-governments.

Pastor stressed that only 15 percent of the planned amount had been given to the Vojvodina Capital Investments Fund.

“I know that the country is in a difficult economic situation but I don’t believe that the republic budget is only getting 15 percent of the plan, which would be proportional to the money transferred to Vojvodina’s budget,” he pointed out.

He said that since the republic income was close to the planned he did not understand why the state had such a discriminatory attitude toward Vojvodina’s budget.

The SVM leader explained that the companies working with the Vojvodina Capital Investments Fund had been put in a bad situation and that they were “on the brink of disaster”.

When asked why the provincial authorities did not officially speak about the problems, Pastor said that there was no political will within the ruling majority in the Vojvodina assembly.

Source: Beta

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