North Kosovo Serbs unblock KFOR unit

Sunday 21.08.2011.

LEPOSAVIĆ — Leposavić municipality residents have unblocked a KFOR unit and allowed the troops to take a seized dredge from Srbija Šume plan near the village of Lešak.

The Jarinje administrative checkpoint
The Jarinje administrative checkpoint

Leposavić Mayor Boško Ninić has said that the citizens unblocked the plant after their requests had been met.

He told Tanjug that the situation had calmed down after KFOR and EULEX showed a seizure warrant to the citizens and released a Srbija Šume plant’s security guard.


The Leposavić mayor said that the citizens removed the barricade after they had been shown a confiscation document and after the security guard had been released.

He added that KFOR and EULEX troops were allowed to leave with the seized dredge and that the situation was calm.

The seizure of a dredge used in setting fire at the Jarinje administrative crossing was ordered by the prosecution in charge of the investigation into the incident at the Jarinje administrative crossing, said KFOR Spokesman Hans Dieter Wichter on Sunday.

According to the KFOR spokesman, the dredge was used for demolishing of buildings and an attack on the KFOR members at the Jarinje checkpoint.

“This vehicle disappeared on the night of July 27-28 and has now been found in Lešak,” he explained.

Earlier on Sunday Leposavić residents blocked the KFOR unit which attempted to enter the Srbija Šume plant and seize the dredge.

Source: Tanjug

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