“Haradinaj ethnically cleansed entire Metohija”

Sunday 21.08.2011.

BELGRADE — The biggest crime committed by Ramush Haradinaj was ethnic cleansing of the whole of Metohija, Serbian government Media Office chief Milivoje Mihailović says.

Ramush Haradinaj (FoNet)

“The men were cruel and committed gruesome crimes over Serbs, Roma and ethnic Albanians loyal to Serbia. Many people were severely beaten and 12 Serb were families expelled from Glođane, Haradinaj’s birthplace. About 40 places in Metohija were soon totally cleaned of Serbs,” Mihailović told Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS).

He said Haradinaj and his Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) group for the Dukagjin zone collected young ethnic Albanians, transferred them to Albania illegally, and after arming them there, brought them back to Kosovo. Those who refused to take part in that were reported to the Serbian police.

Mihailović expressed concern that the Haradinaj case might end in reducing the charges against him. Haradinaj was acquitted on all counts of the indictment in the first-instance trial but a partial re-trial was ordered as it was established that the initial proceedings were plagued with intimidation of witnesses.

“Three witnesses were killed before the Haradinaj trial begun, and their families were intimidated. Two of the witnesses were killed in Kosovo, while the third one got killed in a traffic accident under mysterious circumstances in Montenegro,” the Media Office head stressed.

Source: Tanjug

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