EULEX, KFOR demonstrate force, minister claims

Sunday 21.08.2011.

BELGRADE — Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović has assessed that neither KFOR nor EULEX should be “proud” of the events in the village of Lešak.

The Jarinje administrative checkpoint on fire (file)
Earlier on Sunday Leposavić residents blocked a KFOR unit which attempted to enter a Srbija Šume plant and seize a dredge.

He said that the seizure of the dredge at the Srbija Šume plant, which was ordered by EULEX, had upset the local Serbs.

“Such demonstration of force and upsetting people in order to confiscate one dredge is certainly sending a clear message that unilateral moves continue,“ the minister told Tanjug.

Bogdanović stressed that “EULEX is confused” and that it was not good that such operations were carried out without the knowledge and consent of the local self-government and the people, but added that the investigation itself was not disputable.

“Of course, nobody has anything against them taking the dredge and forensically inspecting it, but you cannot take the dredge without any papers. You cannot confiscate someone’s property without a receipt,” he pointed out.

The minister for Kosovo added that the situation had calmed down.

“EULEX is completely confused and it is taking some actions that are contrary to citizens’ interests in north Kosovo and Metohija. We have nothing against the investigation into who set the Jarinje (administrative crossing) on fire, but not like this,” Bogdanović pointed out.

However, he expressed hope that the latest events would not have a negative impact on the Belgrade-Priština dialogue.

“I want to believe that this will not affect the continuation of the dialogue because we are committed to the dialogue,” the minister for Kosovo stressed.

Source: Tanjug

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