Witness in Haradinaj case “postpones testimony”

Friday 19.08.2011.

THE HAGUE — The testimony of witness Sevcet Kabashi in the trial of Ramush Haradinaj was postponed on Friday at the Hague Tribunal.

This was decided “since the witness was not physically and mentally fit to appear before the court”.

Kabashi will appear before the court on Monday.

Haradinaj – one of the former leaders of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and later Kosovo Albanian prime minister – was originally acquitted of war crimes charges, but the tribunal ordered a partial retrial after it found that witnesses were intimidated during the original trial.

Kabashi’s attorney Michael Karnavas stated that his client is physically and mentally exhausted because he already appeared before the court early on Friday in a separate trial as he had been charged with contempt of court, adding that interests of justice would not be served if the witness was to be forced to testify on Friday.

Karnavas also noted that due to certain issues in the Dutch justice system, he did not have a chance to meet with his client before the trial in the Haradinaj case and prepare him for the testimony.

Kabashi was arrested in the Netherlands and extradited to the ICTY with regard to the contempt of court charges, and he postponed his plea to the indictment because he did not get to read the charges prior to his first appearance before the court, so the next hearing was scheduled for August 26.

Source: Tanjug

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