Mladić undergoes surgery in Netherlands

Thursday 18.08.2011.

BELGRADE — Hague Tribunal indictee Ratko Mladić had a surgery in The Hague on Wednesday and he feels well, B92 has learned.

Ratko Mladić
Mladić had a surgery to repair his hernia on Wednesday and he called his family after the operation.

“We do not release details about the indictee’s health condition without his permission,” Hague Tribunal Spokeswoman Nerma Jelačić told the daily.

The Hague Tribunal has denied that Mladić left the detention unit in Scheveningen in order to have the surgery.

“Reports that Mladić is in the Bronovo Hospital are not true. I can confirm that he has not left the prison complex in Scheveningen,” Jelačić said in a written statement.

On Tuesday the prosecution sent a request to the Hague Tribunal to split the indictment against the former Republic of Srpska (RS) Army commander and hold two separate trials.

One of the reasons for the proposal is “unexpected circumstances in case Mladić’s health deteriorated”.

Source: B92, Blic


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