“K. Albanians synchronize plans with U.S. to expel Serbs”

Thursday 18.08.2011.

BELGRADE — The Serbian government will prevent Priština’s attempts to expel Serbs from north Kosovo with additional pressure, Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović says.

He told Belgrade-based daily Press that “Priština has synchronized with the U.S. a new plan for expulsion of Serbs from the north under increased pressure”.

The minister pointed out that Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci did not accidentally choose this moment to prevent buses from central Serbia from entering Kosovo and to begin construction of a bridge over the Sitnica River.

“All that is pressure and there will probably be more pressure that Priština is trying to create tensions with ahead of the beginning of school year, so as many Serbs from the north as possible would decide to leave Kosovo and move to central Serbia. The government will help Serbs thwart Thaci’s intention,” he stressed.

Bogdanović has accused the Kosovo authorities of violating the agreement on freedom of movement, which was reached earlier in Brussels, by returning the buses from central Serbia from the administrative crossings.

“The government has already reacted and asked the EU and UNMIK to react because it is unacceptable that the buses were returned from the crossings,” he stressed.

According to him, allegations that the agreement with KFOR is violated are not true.

“There were some problems in the beginning, but goods up to 3.5 tons pass through on a daily basis now. If the government determines that the agreement is being violated, Serbs will reintroduce barricades at the crossings,” the minister for Kosovo pointed out.

Source: Beta

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