Government reacts to ban on Serbian buses

Wednesday 17.08.2011.

BELGRADE — The government today “strongly condemned on the efforts of the interim Priština government aimed at obstructing the freedom of movement of citizens in Kosovo”.

The Serbian government called on the UN – as the body under whose protectorate Kosovo is – as well as on the EU, to prevent the interim Priština government’s attempts of obstructing freedom of movement in the territory of the southern Serbian province, a release submitted to the media on Wednesday said.

By returning buses of operators from central Serbia, the Kosovo Albanian authorities “violated civilization norms with regard to the freedom of movement and it is exerting additional pressures on the Serb population in the southern province”, the Serbian government pointed out.

Such a move by the Priština government constitutes an attempt of institutionalizing the pressures on Serbs and other ethnic communities whose freedom of movement has been limited by their fear of (ethnic) Albanian extremists for 11 years now, the release states.

The Serbian government believes that the interim government in Priština is disavowing the implementation of the agreement on freedom of movement reached in the Belgrade-Priština dialogue.

Source: Tanjug

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