Belgrade can’t decide on Kosovo, Kosovo official says

Wednesday 17.08.2011.

PRIŠTINA — Kosovo Albanian government representatives have rejected the idea of two customs stamps, stressing that Belgrade cannot decide on Kosovo.

 Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci has stated that Priština coordinates its activities with Brussels and that Belgrade has no right to decide.

According to the Radio Television of Kosovo, Kuci did not want to speak in details about the allegations that the next round of the dialogue in Brussels would table the issues of administrative crossings in north Kosovo and the use of two customs stamps.

He suggested Kosovo media to pay less attention to what was being said in Belgrade, but rather to concentrate on the statements released by Priština and Brussels.

Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi told Tanjug that the idea of two customs stamps at the administrative crossings was unacceptable for Priština.

“Our stand is very clear, we will continue to use the stamps of the Kosovo customs,” the Kosovo interior minister said, adding that these stamps were also used by UNMIK.

Rexhepi underlined that the stamps of the Kosovo customs had no symbols or titles of statehood.

The Kosovo minister said that Priština negotiators would not give up on the stamps that read Kosovo Customs even if that would lead to a failure of the dialogue.

As for the issues agreed in the previous rounds of the dialogue regarding freedom of movement, university degrees and civil registries, he said that the Kosovo authorities were ready to implement these decisions but that they were waiting for Belgrade’s initiative.

UNMIK recognizes Kosovo customs stamps

UNMIK recognizes as status-neutral the customs stamps which read Kosovo Customs, UNMIK Spokesman Olivier Salgado told Tanjug on Tuesday.

“The use of these customs stamps fully reflects the status-neutral policy defined in the report of UN secretary general on June 12, 2008, addressed to the UN Security Council,” Salgado said.

He believes that the Kosovo customs stamps approved by UNMIK should be recognized and that all parties need to respect the CEFTA agreement.

“We hope that this issue will soon be resolved during the dialogue which is expected to be resumed at the beginning of September,” the UNMIK spokesman pointed out.

Belgrade’s negotiating team head in the talks with Priština Borislav Stefanović told Tanjug on Monday that Belgrade found acceptable all solutions for customs stamps which do not impinge upon the issue of Kosovo status.

“All other solutions which do not impinge upon the status of Kosovo are on the cards. We have different proposals, but one thing is certain – Belgrade cannot accept customs stamps which read The Republic of Kosovo-Customs or anything else that has the symbols of statehood. Moreover, the accompanying documentation has to be status neutral,” Stefanović told Tanjug.

Source: Tanjug

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