“Serbia will fight ‘EU or Kosovo’ dilemma”






BELGRADE, BERLIN — Serbia will do everything in its power so that the Kosovo issue does not become a condition for EU integration, Serbian Ambassador to Germany Ivo Visković says.

 “We will do our best not to allow the problem to get to a level where it would become a condition for official decision making in the EU institutions,” he pointed out.

“I am not naive. I understand what is officially said and that, on the other hand, some people in powerful countries think that it could become a condition,” the ambassador explained.

When asked about comments that European politicians were worried to a certain extent about the possibility that nationalist parties could win the next elections, he said that nobody could predict the outcome of any country’s elections, but that the events regarding Kosovo and the EU could affect it, adding that he hoped that western politicians were aware of that.

“I personally think that the present government represents pro-European Serbia. Even some former anti-European parties have changed their positions. Therefore I am fairly optimistic and I think that in the end people will support those who are in favor of Europe,” Visković concluded.

Source: Beta

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