Eight years since murder of Serbian children in Kosovo

Saturday 13.08.2011 | 09:45

BELGRADE — Eight years since the murder of two and wounding of four Serb teenagers in the town of Goraždevac in Kosovo will be marked on Saturday, August 13.

The crime scene in Goraždevac (FoNet, file)
The crime scene in Goraždevac (FoNet, file)

Nobody has been held accountable for the crime.

Late last year EULEX closed the investigation, which it had taken over from UNMIK, due to lack of evidence.

Ivan Jovović (19) and Pantelija Dakić (12) were killed with automatic weapons on August 13, 2003 while they were bathing in the Bistrica River. Đorđe Ugrenović (20), Bogdan Bukumirić (14), Marko Bogićević (12) and Dragana Srbljak (13) were seriously injured.

Just like every year, a memorial service for Jovović and Dakić will be held at the Holy Virgin Mary Church in Goraždevac on Saturday.

The memorial service, which will be held by Bishop Teodosije, will be attended by Serbia’s Assistant Minister for Kosovo Slađana Radović.

The assailants, who fired at the Serb children who were bathing in the river 500 meters from the center of the town, were never found despite then UNMIK chief’s promise that “they will search every inch in order to find the killers”. A reward worth EUR 1mn offered by UNMIK did not help either.

After the attack, UNMIK announced that “an unknown number of persons opened fire from Kalashnikovs at about 50 children and youths, mostly Serbs from the Goraždevac enclave”.

Kosovo police questioned 75 witnesses, including the surviving victims, and searched 100 houses. The killed boys’ fathers claim that it is well known who shot their children and that they told KFOR this.

EULEX Spokeswoman Irina Gudeljević has stated that the mission could always reopen the investigation if the prosecutor obtains information relevant to the case.

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