Autonomy not discussed, Belgrade team head says

Saturday 13.08.2011.

BELGRADE — Belgrade negotiating team head Borislav Stefanović has stated that Belgrade is not discussing autonomy for north Kosovo.

 He told Beta news agency that “the issue is not open”.

“We said earlier that we could talk about all things while sticking to the Constitution,” Stefanović explained and added that “such ideas” were constantly being brought up by the media and that he would not comment on them.

The International representatives have suggested Kosovo institutions to provide a special status for north Kosovo, Priština-based Albanian language dailies Zeri and Koha Ditore have reported. Zeri stressed that Belgrade was familiar with the proposal.

“We haven’t discussed it for a second, the issue is not open,” the Belgrade team chief pointed out, adding that Serbia had always been ready to talk about all issues in order to solve the Kosovo problem, under condition that the solution is in accordance with Serbia’s Constitution,” he stressed.

North Kosovo “resembles ghetto”

Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) deputy leader Slobodan Samardžić assessed on Saturday that Serbs in north Kosovo lived in a ghetto and that the Serbian government was determined to “leave Kosovo Serbs on their own for the sake of its own petty, vassal interests”.

“Ever since the Serbian government representatives agreed with KFOR and Albanian institutions’ unilateral actions at the administrative crossings, the Serbs in the north have been living in a real ghetto,” Samardžić told Beta.

According to the DSS deputy leader, their current position, without basic living conditions and necessities, represents a true face of today’s Europe and Serbia as its “vassal”.

“That’s a result of the agreement that the Serbian authorities are proud of today. An atmosphere of despair is being methodically created so the Serbs from those parts would give up on their resistance to NATO and Albanian occupation,” he pointed out.

Source: Beta

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