11:56:  12.08.2011.








Croatian Prime Minister will visit Kosovo Kosor on 24th August, BBC News reports today, citing sources close to the government. Kosor will, as stated, arrive in Kosovo after two days when in Zagreb hosts German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
It will be the first official visit to Pristina, the Croatian Prime Minister, and its layout will have a pronounced component of the bottom of the economy  because with it goes a significant number of Croatian businessmen who will attend the economic forum organized by the Chambers of Commerce of Croatia and Kosovo.
In addition to meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister will meet with Parliament Speaker, while meeting with the president Atifete Jahjaga failed because he will in time be out of Kosovo.
Scheduled a meeting with the commander of KFOR troops and members of the Croatian contingent in the framework of these forces, and will visit the Croatians in the village Janjevo.
During her visit to Pristina, Croatia , as BBC News points out, clearly state that the problems of Kosovo must be solved by peaceful means, respecting the rights of all, it will be noted that Kosor meets with Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Slobodan Petrovic who is a member of the Serbian people. It is equal the support to the territorial integrity of Kosovo, said Vecernji list, adding that the Croatian policy is well known.

Source shall make a declaration of Kosovo’s ambassador to Zagreb Valdet Sadiku to the interest of Croatian companies which most of the food industry and plastics industry and an invitation to invest in Kosovo.

Source: KIM


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