14:39 ; Friday, 12 Aug 2011,

Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) today said that it’s meaningless to talk about media policy and whether the state should have ownership in the media or not, until you solve the problem of the influence of tycoons on the media.Functionary of SNS Nebojsa Stefanovic said at the media conference that by tycoons he think of Dragan Djilas and Srdjan Chappes, he said, which are the owners of all marketing seconds and almost all media in Serbia. He said that the SNS has evidence that proofs that firms of Djilas and Chappes have a major impact on the purchase of second on RTS, B92, “and possibly other media.”

Friday, 12 Aug 2011, 17:38  RTS respond;

RTS has been working with 10 advertising agencies and with more than 200 direct customers. In 2010. year we achieved advertising revenue of 24.9 million euros.
RTS is directly contracted and achieved 39 percent of total revenue, while the remaining 61 percent consist of the aggregate income of all 10 advertising agencies.


Source: RTS


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