ISTOK, 10 August 2011. (AP)

Returning to the village of Opraske near Istok, Petko Miletic said that unknown people buried and polluted the village well from which returnees were supplied with drinking water.

Miletic said that in this village in Metohija, in Albanian environment, there are only six of them – he and his wife with two small children and neighbors Dragoslav Vuletic with his mother.

“I immediately called the police, KFOR, OSCE and UNHCR, and all came. They said they would talk to the mayor of Istok to clean up the well, “said Miletic for BETA.

Regional police spokesman in Kosovo Peja Zeqir Kelmendi told BETA that ” the well,where are piled in Styrofoam and other objects is a long-used and that no one knows who and when put trash in it”.

Miletic said that the village is a well visited by UNMIK representatives from Pec, together with an expert from the “Hydro Dream” from the Istok. “They said they have no machinery and told to find ‘bunardžiju` who will clean the well. UNMIK representatives have taken water samples for bio-chemical analysis, “Miletic said.

In the village Opraške  before the war 23 Serbian families lived from about 150 members  with 200 hectares of land, and now only six of them.

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