KOSOVO – 08.07.2011: 22:27 h

The deal is sealed! Serbs agree to comply with resolution 1244, and for others it is not known-Serbs will respect all points of agreement, even though there is no return to “old state” – At the end Tadic thanked the Serbs from Kosovo for assisting  Belgrade in such a difficult situation??!!

National leaders from Kosovo return home “with a cat in the bag” – From the statement issued just now, turns out that the Serbs are the only one’s who will have to strictly obey resolution 1244, and the occupiers and Shiptar terrorists will be “asked politely ” that they do so.
Serbs (Head of the Mitrovica country Nedeljkovic) pledged to meet all points of the “Agreement”   to Tadic (after the verification in the “great assembly”)?!

From the press it turns out to Tadic thanks to Kosovo Serbs for helping  him to stay in power: “During the meeting it was stressed the importance of public support from the north to their country” …

 Tadic and Kosovo Serbs insist on resolution 1244

A meeting of Serbian President Boris Tadic and the mayors from the north, completed  in the building of the Presidency of the Republic, after three hours. Kosovo Serbs told to the president of the state that they insist on strict adherence to Resolution 1244. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Government of Serbia, Borislav Stefanovic and Goran Bogdanovic.

Source : Flash, the Agency


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