12:04; 06.08.2011.

Last nigh there were injured in the Rudnik !
According to sources of FB reporters last night at the at the Rudnik there were injured:

During the police intervention yesterday in an attempt to break the blockade on the Ibar highway at the Rudnik four road workers were injured: Milan Joksimovic, Stevan Filigree, Miodrag Jovicic Miroslav Bjelogrlic who were transferred to the hospital in Gornji Milanovthe by the ambulance where they received treatment.
According to the injured road workers statements, nothing has hinted the action by the police and that they were not provoked any actions of the road workers.

Suddenly, without warning, road builders say, the police began to harass and attack them with fists and sticks, while the road builders were sitting quietly on the road.
Because of this behavior road workers are announcing a lawsuit against the police who beat them.

According to Ljubivoje Simic, presidency member of the independent union of road workers of Serbia, Ibar highway blockade was violently interrupted last night at 17:45.

Today there is no blockade, and according to him, road workers will blockade border crossing Horgosh and the highway Nish – Belgrade, near toll gate Bubanj Potok, on the Tuesday of 9th of August.


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