KOSOVO 05.08.2011:

Last round of negotiations failed – barricades remain… NATO troops in Kosovo are piling up … Leading patriotic intellectual and political eliteis calling the “agreement” treason! The country is falling apart-The Serbian government and Parliament on the well-deserved vacation?!

EMERGENCY NEWS: LAST ROUND OF TALKS FAILED-Serbs remain at the barricades … IN SPITE OF THE failed NEGOTIATIONS BORKO ( Stefanovic ) stays an “optimist” …

The U.S. occupatiors during the night, “seized” Serbian flag on Jarinje crossing … Tadic’s emissaries reached an “agreement” in the NATO military base in Kosovo, but nothing is allowed to say about it … It is even now clear that the agreement is “no turning back” … In addition to German and Austrian contingent of NATO, Biler, the “german occupier” requires more power …

Our FB reporters on the field saw yesterday that the American Apache helicopters, gunships equipped, with additional missile systems, as used only in wartime … Radicals demand immediate suspension of all negotiations with the EU and the defense of constitutional order … Leading Serbian patriots and intellectuals-academics sent an appeal for help to Russia’s Prime Minister Putin … On the barricades uncertainty and nervousness, but also present the determination to defend the Fatherland… Lazarus martyrs can only put their hope into God and Serbian people… But and thus deceived by the international community and betrayed by its own country, they are not losing hope…The dark night above the country Serbia but another Kosovo dawn dawns !

“PECAT” LEARNS Belgrade handed over Mitrovica, Serbs are asks to remove roadblocks !


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