Yesterday, the daily newspaper Danas published an interview with Marko Jaksic, Vice President of the Serbian community of municipalities of Kosovo and Metohija and DSS functionary.
entitled: “Status quo is now the best solution”.
Kosovska Mitrovica, Belgrade:
– Negotiations in Brussels actually strengthen the force of an independent Kosovo and pushing out Serbs from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija – said Jaksic at today’s debate “Scope of the Brussels-Belgrade dialogue with Pristina “, Marko Jaksic, Vice President of Serbian Association of Municipalities of Kosovo and Metohija and DSS functionary .
* How do you rate negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, which is mediated by the EU in Brussels and what do you expect to be their ultimate step?
– The session of the Assembly of Serbia on Kosovo could be heard that Boris Tadic agreed to the talks because Belgrade was allegedly blackmailed by taking Kosovska Mitrovica unrest in the Raska region and the termination of the relationship between the IMF and Serbia. But we have not heard Tadic denies it, which means that they are imposed on the negotiations . The worst is that those who committed these pressures play a crucial role in guiding the negotiations. In order for this dialogue in Brussels to be even remotely normal, in it should be turned on and someone from the UN Security Council, primarily Russia and possibly China. Thus, the EU and the U.S. are rushing to complete negotiations by September because, given that Serbia 10 October should be a candidate for entry into the Union, they know that now is the best time to get the most from Belgrade concessions. And all these events in Kosovo are part of the story.
* What is the relationship between the dialogue in Brussels and European integration of Serbia and that the negotiation of obligations and Pristina on the road towards the EU?
– The EU should in some way support the current government in Belgrade, because any other political force that tomorrow would come to power in Serbia would not be so cooperative with regard to Kosovo. As for Pristina, it is favored. This is a new state, that is yet to get full recognition. The negotiations are part of the blackmail of Belgrade, from which will be requested not to keep out of Pristina to international institutions and organizations.
* What is the guarantee that after the change of power between Belgrade and Pristina unsigned Brussels permanently implement agreements the two sides?
– It depends on which forces will come to power in Belgrade. What is Borislav Stefanovic agreed in Brussels contrary to the Constitution of Serbia, so I hope that the new government will throw them in the trash and talks will go back where they belong  – in the UN Security Council and on the platform of Resolution 1244.
* Should Belgrade respond to the decisions of Pristina countermeasures such as the prohibition of imports of goods from Serbia, Serbian telephone transmitter shutdown, marathon exclusion of water and electricity to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija?
– Belgrade is in some way by their conduct agreed to bear all the hits from Pristina. Overall yields apparently due to the European perspective and l don’t know what reasons else . Let’s question the embargo on goods from Serbia. The other day was heard how  Kosovo pray Croats to bring their goods, especially foodstuffs. Literally in Kosovo and Metohija there is a general shortage of every thing, and after the embargo prices soared for most foods. Suffice it to Belgrade to impose tariffs on all goods coming from abroad and go to Kosovo and treat Pristina as well as to treat Krusevac, or any other part of Serbia, so they will be paid on the goods for customs and VAT. That would compell Pristina to take different attitude.
* What would be the best solution for the north of Kosovo?
– At this point the best solution would be the status quo – the so-called frozen conflicts, not only in the north but in the whole Kosovo. The problem of Serbs in Kosovo should be considered unique. Now there is a lot of pressure on the north, because the Albanians with the help of Belgrade pushed Serbs south of river Ibar into the institutions of self-proclaimed state of Kosovo and thus broke the Serbian resistance to the creation of an so-called independent Kosovo state.Now its been offered to the North the so-called Ahtisaari plan plus the independent Albanian state. This is not the interest nor the Serbs throughout Kosovo and Metohija, nor the state of Serbia. Pristina knows that until they put their paw above the north its not an independent state, and what is the most pinch to Pristina is the fact that the virus from the north can be transferred to other regions where Serbs live. The creators of an independent Kosovo know that and this is why the rush to finish the job as soon as possible.
* Does the dialogue in Brussels helps resolve Serbian issues in Kosovo or Albanian question in Serbia?
– This dialogue should help to put to rest another Albanian state in the Balkans, which worsens the Serbian question in the territory of Kosovo. If you make Kosovo an independent state, Serbs have no future in it – they will slowly “leak”. The negotiations in Brussels in fact strengthen the force of an independent Kosovo and pushing out Serbs from the territory of Kosovo.

/ Author: Jelena Tasic – Danas /


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