3 August 2011. | 19:12

Vucic: Tomislav Nikolic is going to Kosovo.

BELGRADE – President of the SNS, Tomislav Nikolic, the leadership of the party is about to visit Kosovo and Metohija. We will not add ​​fuel to the fire, but we want to show that we are with our people, said at yesterday’s press conference, Deputy President of SNS Aleksandar Vucic.

Progressive’s sent a public question the prime minister Mirko Cvetkovic, whether it is more important at this point that someone who represents the whole country make meaningful decisions in the interests of citizens, or to swim in Porto Karas.

– If everything is OK, then let us say so. But then let us explain that this is the result of their policy towards Kosovo and Metohija. No one mention’s anymore whether Kosovo policemen of Serbian nationality is at the border or not – said Vucic.

The Constitution of Serbia, adding Vucic, must be respected, but it is certainly necessary to find a peaceful solution that will not jeopardize Serbia’s position in the international community. Speaking about the possibility of division of Kosovo, Vucic said that if the government wanted to negotiate that option, certainly not with such a bold plan to go public, “because we lost time and opportunity for that option.”

– Ivica Dacic was not allowed to talk about partition of Kosovo, nor Borko Stefanovic, because that would made it clear what would make them satisfied  – said Vucic.

Commenting on the election and election coalitions, Vucic said that the SNS is counting on a serious cooperation with all the minority parties.

– With all of them are willing to talk, especially with the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians. We are ready to promote such cooperation, to give them important positions in the civil service, because for us, all citizens are equal. Why would Hungarian Minister of Interior be worse then a the Serb? I do not want to believe that him would want less good for this country than someone who is a Serb. With this we would like to express the highest dose of our willingness to cooperate – said Vucic, who told reporters yesterday confirmed that the SNS is richer for one more member, or that the party joined a former advisor to Vuk Draskovic, Milan Bozic.

“Oluja” for all condemnation !

Vucic said that SNS strongly condemns the statement of Croatian politicians who extol action “Storm”.

– This action is the worst crime of ethnic cleansing since World War II. Today, we demand on behalf of the expelled Serbs to ensure their basic human rights and that we get the support of the EU – said Vucic.


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