Mitrovic banned advertising of Croatian tourism on Pink Tv !

BELGRADE, 03.08.2011

The owner of television, “Pink” Zeljko Mitrovic said today that it has scheduled a board meeting where they will discuss the abolition of the Croatian music and cinematography on his television, broadcasting in five countries.

Mitrovic, in a statement to the media on the occasion of the Croatian Customs Administration offers the sale of his luxury yacht, which was due to alleged violations of the law is blocked in the country – announced that the board of directors, which is scheduled for tomorrow, to discuss and control quality of our products countries outside of Croatia.

He pointed out that the entry into force of the ban on advertising of Croatian tourism, adding that the television “will never be able to obscure the incident and any inconvenience that Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin citizens experience on summer vacation in Croatia.”

Noting that for years trying to work through the media, which include preferential treatment of Croatian Music, Croatian cinematography and investment in the former Yugoslavia promote neighborly relations between Serbia and Croatia, Mitrovic said he believed that television media has enough power to establish a better balance in category of foreign trade imbalance between the two countries.

As the transfer media, the Croatian customs administration is the “Jutarnji list” posted an ad for the sale of luxury yacht owners who Pink was seized last year because, as stated above, breaches of customs regulations and international conventions on temporary admission.

According to media reports, the yacht sailed from Montenegro to Croatia, where water is found to be in control at that moment on it was Mitrovic, and that drove the yacht skipper who had a contract with the Croatian company owner Pink.

According to Croatian law, a yacht owned by a foreigner may not, as a crew member, someone who work are employed in Croatian companies.

“At the same status in which my boat, there are thousands of ships, which also used the Croatian crew. These laws have been adopted in order to prevent abuse of ships for the purpose of the so-called ‘Black Carter’, which in this process is not the case,” Mitrovic said in a statement.

He added that the entire public knows that the boat used for recreational purposes and the tax and customs is not the taxpayer, and that the “procedural error based on his ambition to crew members regulated pension, social and other contributions in Croatia.”


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