The authorities in Pristina have drawn a red line in negotiations with Belgrade, said Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci  after a three-hour meeting with a European Union Robert Cooper in Pristina.

In listing the “red line”, Thaci said Kosovo respect the constitution, a resolution’s adopted  by the Kosovo parliament before the beginning of a dialogue with Belgrade and territorial integrity.

“Questions crossings 1 and 31 (Brnjak and Jarinje) are essential for Kosovo, while Belgrade makes political and pre-election issue out of it.” said Kosovo Prime Minister, stating that the division of Kosovo is unacceptable for Pristina.

“That would open the question of borders in the region,” Thaci said.

Robert Cooper, like after the meeting with Serbian officials refused to give statements, but he transferred the voice of Brussels, said Michael Mann, spokesman for Ashton. “The European Commission believes that Kosovo should go lower the tensions and return to dialogue under the monitoring of the European Union in order to address the practical issues of importance to the daily lives of citizens,” said Man.


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