Thaci had ordered security agencies, police departments, the Kosovo security forces and intelligence services to continue with the “consistent application of the decisions of the authorities in Pristina on the implementation of reciprocal measures prohibiting the import and export towards Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

He is to consolidate the activities of the Kosovo Security Agency convened an emergency meeting of the Security Council, in whose work also attended by representatives of the Serbs, SRNA correspondent from Kosovo and Metohija.

It was concluded that “the Kosovo Intelligence Agency on July 25, acting pursuant to the Constitution and laws of Kosovo in order to establish law and order throughout Kosovo.”Thaci took the chief role of the Kosovo security agencies, police, security forces and Kosovo’s intelligence service and ordered to unite and coordinate the activities of those services.In accordance with the order of general mobilization of the security agencies, Thaci was ordered to raise the readiness of the highest degree of preparedness and readiness in order, he said, “Kosovo’s security agencies responded with all available means in case of violation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo”.He is under the auspices of the alleged concerns of all citizens, particularly those in northern Kosovo and Metohija, ordered all state institutions, ministries, public enterprises and institutions to take measures for the flow of aid to vulnerable population in northern Kosovo, especially in the delivery of drugs and life foods to avoid, he said, the possible humanitarian disaster.The government in Pristina to announce that the Council session was ordered to open a “new corridors” of supplying the population in northern Kosovo and Metohija, but that at this “must not allow the violation of the sovereignty of Kosovo and bringing into question the decision to establish a measure of reciprocity” on the customs points.


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