Minister Goran Bogdanović: Thaci wants war

Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic has accused the Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci calls for war in the southern Serbian province.

The voice of sobriety in the north … Goran Bogdanovic

Bogdanovic said in an interview for the Press  that Serbia will not be taken in the provocation of Pristina and will do all that the situation in northern Kosovo and Metohija resolved exclusively through peaceful and diplomatic means.

– Thaci sends messages warmongering, rising tension, promotes conflict. How else to understand his statement that he will not withdraw from northern Kosovo and that no one will stop that but as a reference to the war – said Bogdanovic and pointed out that Serbia will not fight war’s.

– We’ve had enough wars. We are not going to even think about that. We want peaceful and Gandhian methods to fight for our legitimate national interests.

Do you expect serious support from the EU to curb ambition Thaci of war?

– It is the obligation of the EU. The Serbian government expects the EU to further try hard to put pressure on Thaci to give up arms.

Have you and the head of your negotiating team Borislav Stefanovic ask that the EU mediator Robert Cooper in a meeting Monday in Raska?

– We said to Coopper that Serbia is asking the EU to help resolve the situation in the north peacefully. We demanded from Cooper to persuade Pristina to return the state on the crossings like it was before July 25.  We have made clear to Cooper that there is no continuing dialogue with  Thaci’s blackmail pressure, siege, the threat of conflict.

What do you think, did you convinced Cooper that Serbia is right?

– I think we did because before conversation in Raska Cooper came with very different beliefs and attitudes.

What kind of different beliefs?

– Cooper wanted to continue negotiations with Pristina on the customs seals and trade goods. We told him we cannot talk about it while in the north there are growing tensions, the threat comings, and while the Serbian people are defending themselves on the barricades. Cooper realized the gravity of the situation and dropped the proposal to negotiate a customs seals.

How long will Serbs stay on the barricades?

Until our demands are fulfilled , and that is bringing back Serbian police and customs officers.

Do you fear of new outbursts of violence as the Jarinje or major conflicts?

– That is never  turned off when there are big tensions. Stefanovic and I, and the entire national leadership, urge our citizens to peacefully fight only for our interests. We have to remain dignified, peaceful and unique as this is perhaps the last moment to defend Kosovo.

What can we expect in the coming days?

– UpComing strenuous and uncertain negotiations with the command of KFOR. I hope for a positive solution.

Do you see the end of the crisis in the north of Kosovo?

– That depends on Thaci, the EU, NATO, the United States. We will not make a single wrong step or one-sided move, but we will not give up our goals.

Nenad Čaluković


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