Thaci is mobilizing all  “security forces” – ANNOUNCES attack on the enclave’s! Toward  to Serbia Shiptar “customs” – Toward  to Mitrovica german guns,  toward  the defenseless  people American gun tube’s, on the sky of  Lazarus Ustasha’s  iron bird fly! Deputies adopted a big “nothing”, packed their bags and went to spend summer in those who provided free up accommodation for them, those who put to rest one million Serbs not so long ago!  Marked leader with  firm steps follow his path, even though He is no more! On that way he disappears and the people and the country-but the leader remains firmly walking, determined to get there, even by himself … The Seventh Day of the exhausted people of our Kosovo- our peoplemartyrs,  descendant’s of Saint Sava point their eyes into the  Serbian state, but Serbian state is no more – There is only a state, but a state is not ours. Well, if so Brothers and Sisters, if Serbian state is no more-Then it’s time for us  to create one …. Read and expand this text  further.


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