21: 49

Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic, warned that hard arduous days are in front of us on the barricades, difficult demandings , difficult and uncertain negotiations.
“We must not allow that in this region ever comes to life the” Kosovo state”,” said Bogdanovic, and his words were sent off with applause.

“We must all be here, this is the last moment to fight for our goals –  for which, obviously, there is no understanding of the international community and Kosovo Albanians. Trust in the state of Serbia !” said Bogdanovic.

Mayor of Zvecan Dragisa Milovic referred to the assessment of the KFOR commander in which behind everything in the north are criminals. “We are not criminals. Are rectors, teachers, doctors at the barricades criminals? We know very well who trades with human organs. We will sit here around the clock, every day to achieve our goals, in Gandhian way,” said Milovic.


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