DZ Gracanica: The alarming situation with oxygen

01.08.2011. 15:44

Emergency medical services in Laplje Selo lack of oxygen bottles as they are  purchased from the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, said Dr. Rada Trajkovic.

Director of the Health Centre in Gracanica, Rada Trajkovic told KIM Radio that the overall situation in northern Kosovo lacks the medical supplies  with oxygen bottles and some drugs, as she said, needed the most chronic patients. “Inventories oxygen bottles are getting  lower and we need them to preserve the vital functions of vulnerable patients, so we are really in great danger, because many patients who come will not be able to get  proper treatment and that patients can be life-threatening, “said Dr. Trajković .Director  of Health center  urges on those responsible to open the roads, she said,  those roads, mean the chance for patience to live.


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