01.08.2011 Source : Vestionline

“Pristina is threatening international security”

Russian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Konuzin warned that what works Pristina is a danger to the security not only in Kosovo and the region, but also in the international community .Konuzin pointed out that under these conditions, the UN Security Council must continue to closely monitor developments in Kosovo and warned that “friends of Pristina” should not assist the authorities in Pristina’s in unilateral actions and violent.

“Friends of Pristina should influence Kosovo authorities and  certainly do not help them in  one-sided violent activities but rather to invite Priština to focus on a constructive agreement with Belgrade,” said Konuzin.

He called on KFOR and EULEX to adhere to its mandate, carry the Belgrade media. “We believe that KFOR and EULEX must be fully stand by with their mandate and not go beyond its neutral status,” said the Russian ambasador.He said that international factors, including the international mission in Kosovo and Metohija, must help in making decisions that are acceptable to all, and shouldn’t reducing  UN presence in the province but rather to ensure that the UN should fully carry out its mandate in the province. “KFOR should  maintain its neutral status and  ensure compliance with international decisions with those who’s  deals  could be reached between the parties. It is also important to ensure that EULEX  respect’s  the law  in the province and  investigate crimes that occurred in that territory, “said Russian Ambassador to Serbia. Konuzin said that Russia supports Belgrade’s position to solve problems through dialogue. “Belgrade has argued that the problems in Kosovo and the Kosovo problem in general, solved through dialogue. It is important that agreements reached are accepted by those who live in Kosovo.” said Konuzin.


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