Serbian people in Kosovo are ready to give their lives to defend homeland! They are resolved not to allow NATO occupier to leave them in mercy to the same albanian separatists that butchered innocent Serbs for their organs...

  • ‎14:50 RUDARE – Serbs gathered on the barricades in a town of Rudare on the north of Kosovo have asked today that the Declaration of Kosovo who has been accepted by the parlament of Serbia on the day 31.07.2011.
    Source : Pres-Kurir
  • President of Municipality Zubin Potok, Slavisa Ristic on an improvised press conference held at the barric…ade, conveyed the conclusions of Staff for Emergencies four municipalities in northern Kosovo, stating that on the barricades defending Resolution 1244 and that is the last line of defense of the resolution, he said.
  • Ristic, in the name of Staff for Emergencies and in the name of citizens who have been on duty for four days, called Serbian parlament , head of state, ministers, presidents of political parties to come to the barricades.
    “Here, there is no room for fight among the parties, there is no politics, this is a fight for sovereignty of our great country.”
    Presidents of Municipality’s of Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvecan and Leposavic , Krstimir Pantic, Radisa Milovic and Branko Ninic have called Serbian representatives and international officials to come to the barricades and find the best solution for the problems who were created after unilateral move of Pristina and international community in conversation with the people.
  • President of Staff for Emergencies and Chief of Kosovska Mitrovica county Radenko Nedeljkovic has called citizens to come in masses, to be united and told them that with unilateral moves question of status of Kosovo and Metohija cannot be solved.
    “International community, especially KFOR and its Commander Erhard Biler cant with force to install Northern Kosovo into dark Kosovo institutions”, said Nedeljkovic.
  • On the barricades is gathered around one hundred people, who take shifts .
    In Rudare is also a state secretary for Ministry of Kosovo and Metohija, Oliver Ivanovic.(Text translated from Serbian to English by Nevena Djukanovic)

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